Catch-Up Picture Posts

I just posted a whole bunch of pictures from November, December, January, and February. I uploaded the photos ages ago, but saved them in my drafts folder because I eventually planned to add some text. That never happened.

Anyway, when I just posted these, I dated them on the actual date they were taken, so I’m not sure if they will show up as new posts. If you read with a feed reader or get the emails, they will probably show up. If you just check the home page every once in a while, you probably won’t see them. So, in case you don’t see them, I’m linking to them here. Clear as mud?

The kids school had a week off for Thanksgiving this year, so we took a trip to St. Louis. We visited some of my dad’s family that I had not seen in YEARS.

This post is from the St. Louis City Museum. This place is really cool, but it is a nightmare for parents. My kids were four, five, and six when we visited. Maybe it would be easier with kids who were a little older. For us though, I’m shocked that we actually left with all three children, and even more shocked that all three children left with their bodies intact. I can’t imagine what this place’s insurance bill must be, because I’m certain at least one person breaks a bone here every day. In one area there are all kinds of tunnels and tubes. My Uncle Mike, who is 6″6′, was navigating them with Colin. Colin went in one small area where there was no way Mike could fit. I’m not sure how long he looked for Colin before he had to come admit to me that he’s lost him. He had to have been a little hesitant to come back to tell me he lost my kid the first time he met him. While we were all freaking out and calling his name, we eventually heard, “Mommy! Look at me!” from somewhere above us and were able to track him down. I was wishing I had a xanax in my purse.

Of course we had to make a trip to the famous Arch. This post has pictures from our visit to the Arch with my cousin Becky.

Becky and her husband have a llama and alpaca farm. This post has the pictures from our visit there.

This post has pics from Zoe’s 6th birthday. It’s password protected because there are pictures of other people’s kids in it. (I haven’t done a PW protected post in a while, so let me know if you forgot it.)

Colin’s Mama Amy entered work release in December and is able to get weekend passes. We visited her in December. We also saw Colin’s brother, sister, cousins, etc. This post has pictures. It is also PW protected.

Colin’s preschool had its annual Cocoa and Carols program. This post has some pretty cute pictures of Colin.

After Christmas, we drove to Florida. My parent’s have a condo there that they are selling, and my mom wanted to make one last trip. (We ended up making our last last trip a week ago, and I will post those pictures later.)

This post is from our visit to Legoland.

This post has pictures from after Legoland – of Noah with the Legos he bought with his Christmas money, and of our tired, tired kiddos later that night.

We had a shrimp boil on the beach New Year’s Eve with our family that lives in Florida, and it was also our cousin Olivia’s 13th birthday. This post has pics.

This post has pictures from our visit to the Victory Ship in Tampa. It was a WWII cargo ship.

This post has pics of the kids with REAL alligators. Their mouths were taped shut, but it was still pretty creepy!

On the drive home from Florida, we stopped in Chattanooga. This post has pics from the aquarium. This post has pics from the Incline. This post has pics from Rock City and Lookout Mountain. This post has pics from Ruby Falls, and this post has pics of the Zoe and Colin being silly in the hotel room.

When we got back, our elementary school had a Chinese New Year celebration. This post has that pic.

Noah celebrated his 7th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. The kid is obsessed with the Ticket Blaster and catching one of the 1,000 point tickets so he can get a really “good” prize. Yes, another birthday with the mouse. The things we do for our children…  This post has pics, but it is PW protected because other people’s kids are in it.

This post has a pic of a shelter project Zoe and Christian did together. Her teacher told us that she talks about Vietnam all the time in class.

WOW – This is the closest I’ve been to being caught up in a long time! Now for March, April, May and June!


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