Zoo photos

I took the kids to the zoo last week with my friend Stacey and her kids, Jasmine and Jahnu. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but between the two of us we have five-, four-, three-, two-, and one-year-old kids! They all get along really well, so it’s a blast when we hang out with them. Colin has been a little challenging lately – he loves to wander off, and he is FAST – so I was a bit nervous about our outing, but Stacey was a great help and we survived!

Noah watching the sea lions:


Zoe at the shark-petting tank (She said, “Mommy, I touched it! I was surprised and asked, “You touched the sharks?!” She screamed excitedly, “No, the water!”):

Noah, Zoe, Jahnu, and Jasmine outside the walrus tank:

Zoe and Colin on the train (I love how she has her arm around him):

This little princess’ crown face painting and soccer tattoo set me back $18.95! Thank goodness Colin didn’t want one, too. Oh well, at least I got cute pictures. (That was part of the deal. I told them they could only have them if they cooperated for photos.)


4 thoughts on “Zoo photos

  1. Looks like a fun day.
    I didn’t think it was possible for Zoe to get cuter….but those bangs make her look even more gorgeous!

  2. Very cute shots.

    Jammer likes to take off too but we use his “backpack” harness with the “tail” leash and it works great. We even used it all over China. It might be something to try for you.

    • We have a monkey backpack and I had high hopes for it, but he just throws himself on the ground for one h*ll of a tantrum EVERY TIME we try it. At least he’s consistent…

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