More Tractors

Since the kids liked sitting on the tractors at the State Fair so much, my mom took them to a friends’ farm one day last fall so they could actually drive one. They got to pick apples, too.

These are pictures from my mom’s camera. I think Noah took most of the pictures that day. I’ll spare everyone the “artsy” pictures of apples in a tree, apples on the ground, apples in a basket, apples on a sweatshirt, apples on a picnic table, rotten apples, ripe apples, red apples, yellow apples, etc. (He took a LOT of pictures.)

He was newly toothless, so he took this proud self-portrait:


This is my mom driving the tractor. Is it just me, or does Noah look a little scared? (He probably should be.)




A Couple Of Things About This Photo

This is Colin’s butt.


Since the picture showed his whole butt, crack and all, I decided to edit it a little. I was just going to put a plain rectangle there to cover the crack, but then I found out my photo-editing software let me choose cute little things like this pony (donkey?) and I said, “Why not?”

While the pony/donkey is cute, I am really posting this picture to show the angry red patch of skin to the left of it. I mentioned in this post that we had tried medication for Colin but it didn’t work out. It was called the Daytrana patch. At first it was great. He seemed more focused, less hyperactive, and less impulsive. However, about six weeks into it, he suddenly developed a reaction. Every day when we took the patch off it left nasty irritated spots like this. One time it was even purple and bruised. They hurt him and they itched. We hoped maybe it was just a bad batch, so we contacted the company and they gave us a coupon for a new box. The same thing happened with the new patches. It was really disappointing.

We could have tried an oral medication, but he had also lost a couple of pounds. The meds are stimulants, so he wasn’t eating as much. For now, we’ve just decided not to do meds. His preschool teachers said they definitely noticed a difference when we took him off the medication, but they said his behavior was not anything they couldn’t manage.

We’ve decided that we won’t do medication until we absolutely have to, but we are pretty sure he is going to need it eventually. It is just very hard for him to hold still and/or concentrate.

Christian’s Grammie died a couple of weeks ago. The funeral was a Catholic mass, so we were sitting for a long time. Several people mentioned how well our kids did – and they did – but Colin just could not sit still. He just couldn’t. He kept quiet for the most part, but he could not be still. Christian and I kept our hands on him the entire time, rubbing his back, holding his hand, running my fingers through his hair, keeping my arm around him, etc. I told him to scratch Christian’s back for part of it, so he rubbed Daddy’s back and then scratched his arm. Colin just needs that constant stimulation.

When we left the church, we went to the cemetery’s chapel for the final blessing. I saw the look of disappointment on his face when he eyed the rows of chairs and realized he had to sit again. The blessing was short though. When he realized it was over, he said, “Yeah! Mommy, that was a short one!” Of course he got a few laughs, which made him even happier.

He is getting better. Usually when he is tired he gets even more wound up. In the last six months or so though, he seems to have more and more times when he is tired when he says, “Mommy, will you hold me?” Twice he has fallen asleep in my arms. (It is so hard to let go of him and put him in bed when that happens.) He likes to rock before bed, too. Christian and I take turns. One of us puts Noah and Zoe to bed while the other rocks with Colin. The next night we switch. He was so easy to hold and snuggle when he was a baby, but then it became impossible when he was a toddler. It’s nice that we’re swinging back the other direction a bit.

The other thing about this photo: See all of that hair? Colin is one hairy little dude. He’s going to be shaving before he’s ten.

Here’s another photo of his back. Look closely and notice that he has a COWLICK. On his BACK.


Here’s a pic of his legs. He is FOUR, people! FOUR!


Bringing Blogging Back Fail

Remember that whole Bringing Blogging Back thing? Well, I’m a big loser and I completely failed at it.

It’s been TWO MONTHS since I posted. What makes it even worse is that I actually have about ten posts in my Drafts folder that ARE READY TO POST and I haven’t even posted those. We went to Florida after Christmas and I uploaded all kinds of pictures and had the posts ready to go. I was just waiting 1. Because I didn’t want to announce to the Internet that we were out of town, and 2. I had illusions (delusions) that I was going to get caught up on a bunch of other stuff before I posted the Florida posts.

So, I’m just going to post stuff. I may never get caught up on the stuff I missed last summer/fall, or I may post things and have them totally out of order. Sorry if that ends up being confusing, but I am determined to get this blog going again. For real this time.

Zoe’s Vietnam House

Zoe’s kindergarten class studied different kinds of shelters and homes around the world. The teacher sent home a milk carton and asked each student to create their own shelter. Zoe wanted to make one of the houses we saw at the Museum of Ethnology in Vietnam. I think she and Daddy did a pretty good job!