Catching Up: Growing Out Bangs, Losing Teeth, Love Notes, Taekwondo Belts and Tournaments, Birthfamily Visits, and Kindergarten Plans

Well, it’s been two months since I posted. I keep meaning to post, but I just don’t get around to. It’s not that things haven’t been happening. In fact, a lot has happened, so here’s a catch-up post.

1. Zoe started growing her bangs out and it has been difficult. She cannot keep a headband in, and she can’t put a barrette in her own hair. I would do her hair in the morning with a headband or barrette, it would fall out before she even got to school, and then she would go with her hair in her eyes for the rest of the day. FINALLY, I figured out that if I put her bangs in a little ponytail and then hide the hairband with a bow, it works!


2. Zoe lost her first tooth. (Or, more accurately, her mean Mommy pulled the tooth while three people held her down. The adult tooth was already coming in and the baby tooth was barely hanging on, so it really needed to come out. We tried to do it the nice way, but my stubborn little girl was not having it. She got $5 from the Tooth Fairy though, so I think she has forgiven me now.)


3. I found this in Zoe’s backpack. She took one of the wallet-sized photos we got when we were in Chattanooga in January, put it on a post-it note, and wrote, “I Love You.”  She’s a sweetie. 🙂


4. Noah started taekwondo in the fall. He got his yellow belt in December.


5. He competed in his first tournament and got a gold medal and a silver medal.


6. He got his yellow belt white stripe:



7. He competed in some more tournaments, qualified to go to Nationals in Chicago this summer, and got his green belt.


8. He has had straight A’s all year and has had “Exemplary” behavior. We’ve been to a couple of honors breakfasts:


9. We visited Colin’s Mama Amy and then Jason and Hailey came to stay with us for a few days. I’ll have to write a separate PW protected post on that.

10. Colin has been having some rough patches with behavior. I’ll write a PW protected post on that, too.

11. We have (finally) decided on a plan for Colin’s school next year. I spoke to the elementary school principal in our school district about him doing kindergarten twice. I wanted assurance that we would be able to hold him back if we thought we needed to. I wanted to be sure that it would be *our* choice and that they would not end up pushing him on against our wishes. Because he has an IEP, she said sometimes it can be more difficult to hold a child back. She said it was possible we would be able to hold him back, but she could not guarantee it. However, she did tell me that if we sent him to kindergarten somewhere else that she would have no probem enrolling him in kindergarten again in 2014-2015. So, we applied to a charter school close to our house, and Colin got a lottery spot! He will do kindergarten at the charter school for the 2013-2014 school year. Then we can decide whether to send him to kindergarten or first grade in our school district in 2014-2015. I am 99% sure we will send him to kindergarten again, but we will evaluate that when the time comes. This is great because he will have more structure than just preschool, it’s a longer day (which works better for my work schedule), and it’s FREEEEEE! Woohoo! We just paid our last preschool payment!

12. Colin discovered the camera on my phone. He took 167 pictures like this one in about three minutes.


13. Though he’s 19 months younger than Zoe, he’s almost as big as she is now. He’s almost as tall and weighs five pounds more (she’s 37 pounds and he’s 42). He’s a solid little dude. It’s hard to believe that he once had a problem with growing and gaining weight.

14. And, last but not least, Colin continues to be very good at being adorable.



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