Bringing Blogging Back Fail

Remember that whole Bringing Blogging Back thing? Well, I’m a big loser and I completely failed at it.

It’s been TWO MONTHS since I posted. What makes it even worse is that I actually have about ten posts in my Drafts folder that ARE READY TO POST and I haven’t even posted those. We went to Florida after Christmas and I uploaded all kinds of pictures and had the posts ready to go. I was just waiting 1. Because I didn’t want to announce to the Internet that we were out of town, and 2. I had illusions (delusions) that I was going to get caught up on a bunch of other stuff before I posted the Florida posts.

So, I’m just going to post stuff. I may never get caught up on the stuff I missed last summer/fall, or I may post things and have them totally out of order. Sorry if that ends up being confusing, but I am determined to get this blog going again. For real this time.


One thought on “Bringing Blogging Back Fail

  1. Thanks so much for posting again. I have been checking every few days to see if there was anything new and every single time I giggled at Zoe’s “just his body” reaction and then I felt guilty. I’m really not sure why except that I majored in guilt at catholic school. Anyway, I’m glad I have something new to giggle about now.

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