Noah: Pulling Teeth, a Great Report Card, and I’m a Very Mean Mommy

First, I need to report that Noah has now lost his two upper front teeth. This has been a big concern, since he was the last one in first grade to lose a tooth (not really, but that’s what he claimed).

Noah does not have a high pain tolerance. (I may or may not have called him a wimp when he had his tonsils out.) So, imagine my surprise when he pulled BOTH OF HIS OWN FRONT TEETH OUT. It turns out the only thing that Noah enjoys more than being pain-free is having cold, hard cash in his hot little hands. The kid was SO excited for the tooth fairy to come and leave some $$$$ under his pillow that he was willing to endure the pain of pulling his own teeth. He and his cousin Michael tried tying a string to the tooth and a door and slamming the door, but it wasn’t working. The string kept slipping off the tooth. Finally, he got a paper towel, wiggled and yanked, and ended up pulling it out on his own. It was the same thing for tooth #2. He pulled it out with a paper towel. The lengths this kid will go to to be able to purchase a new Lego set…

The other thing that is significant about the photo above of this toothless kid is that the picture was taken at the first grade honors ceremony. First, he was honored for Perfect Attendance. Anyone who read my blog last year and remembers that Noah missed 22 days of kindergarten due to strep throat and having his tonsils out will know that this is a BIG DEAL.

Noah was also honored for Exemplary Behavior (he got one warning this grading period when he was leaning back in his chair and fell, and he was DEVASTATED).

Although they don’t get “real” grades yet (I think that starts the next grading period), his teacher told me that he is in her highest reading level group, that he is above grade level in math, and he has 100% in spelling.

So, basically, my kid is awesome.

However, even awesome kids can get in trouble occasionally. One night when Christian had hockey and I had to work late, he was supposed to do all of his homework at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. He told Grandma that he was done with his homework when, in fact, he was not. When I discovered this upon picking him up at 8:45pm, I was just a little angry with him.

I took the kids home and got them in the bathtub. I was not looking forward to doing homework with him after 9pm, and that’s when it occured to me. The worst punishment for my follow-the-rules, A-student, people-pleaser would be to NOT let him do his homework. He was washing his hair when I walked into the bathroom and said, “You know what, Noah? We’re not going to do your homework tonight. You had your chance to do it earlier and you didn’t. We don’t start homework after 9pm. It’s time for bed. I’m not going to sign your homework sheet, which means you won’t get a sticker tomorrow in your homework folder. I’m also not signing your Reading for Recreation paper (they are supposed to read 20 minutes a day), so you’ll fall behind in that, too. AND, I’m going to write a not to Mrs. XXXX telling her what you did.”

Cue the waterworks: “Mommy, no! I’m so, so sorry. I’ll never do it again. I’m so, so sorry!” And I sent him to bed.

I put a big X where the signatures were supposed to go on his homework and reading sheets, and I put the following note in his folder:

Dear Mrs. XXXX-

I had to work late tonight and my husband had hockey. Noah was at his grandma and grandpa’s house and was supposed to do his homework. When I picked him up at 8:45pm I discovered that although he told his grandma he had finished his homework, he had not done his Reading for Recreation, practiced his drill book, or read Pug the Pup. When we got home at 9pm, I told him that it was too late to do homework and that I would not sign his homework sheet. He is very upset that he will not get a sticker in his folder and that he has disappointed me (and you), so I hope this will teach him a lesson. (He is also very upset that I am writing this note to you, which is mostly why I am doing it.)

Thank you,
Tracy XXXX

Yes, I am a Very Mean Mommy. But guess who makes sure he has done everything on his homework sheet now? I definitely made my point.


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