Bringing Blogging Back

In September, Michelle at And Sam Makes Seven suggested we bring blogging back. I read her post and thought, “That’s awesome! I’m going to do that!”

And then a month went by. Bringing Blogging Back fail.

Still, I like what Michelle had to say:

You know what I’ve decided?  I’ve decided that I, Michelle, Blogger Extraordinaire, am going to put those little electric paddle shocker thingies upon the lifeless chest of this blog and crank them up to… whatever level doctors crank them up to (is it, like, 4?  A level 4?  Or 500?  I don’t know)… to zap…  to jump start

Dang.  That metaphor sounded so good in my head.  I want to bring my blog back from the dead, is what I’m trying to say.  And not just my blog, all of our blogs.  Remember how fun it used to be, guys?  Back in the days before Facebook and Twitter took over our lives?  I would read your blog and you’d read mine and we’d all leave comments and the sun was shining and birds were singing and everyone was so, so happy.  Remember that?

And then Dark Overlord Zuckerberg came along with his fancy-pants, social networking site and we all fell under his spell.  It was as easy as distracting Michelle, Blogger Extraordinaire, with a shiny object.

“Oh, this is better,” we thought, “We can see what everyone is doing all the time.  It’ll be quicker and easier to keep up with each other, blah blah blah…”  And we were sucked in.  And the overlord made 70 trazillion dollars.

She’s right.  I haven’t been blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, etc, and I miss it. I miss my blogging buddies. I miss getting comments here. I miss having a blog to look back at every once and a while to see pictures of the kids.

So, I’m doing it. Maybe I will even manage to post pictures from Colin’s fourth birthday in July.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Blogging Back

  1. Hmm. Maybe I will start a new blog. I stopped blogging on my daughter’s fourth birthday and she is now five. But seriously – I do remember reading everyone’s blog when we were all in process of adoptiong and bring home our kiddos and it was pretty special.

  2. Huzzah! I love to see my blogging friends coming back! Also? It is crazy how much time can go between posting now… I’ll think “I just blogged” and then I look and it’s been like 10 days. Funny how time flies when one is not angsting 24/7 about getting one’s kid home…

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