First Day of School

Zoe started kindergarten this year, and Noah started first grade.

I had heard stories about Christian on his very first day of school – holding on to the sides of the bus door screaming that he wasn’t going – and I was afraid that was what would happen with Zoe. She did great though. She gave me one little look of trepidation when the bus arrived, but once I offered to take her on and get her to her seat she was fine. She has a new friend, Elle, who lives in our neighborhood and is also in Zoe’s class. I asked her what she did at school yesterday and she said, “Oh, I pretty much just played with Elle all day.” I guess that means it’s going well, at least from Zoe’s perspective. We’ll see at her back-to-school night tomorrow how it’s going from the teacher’s perspective. We’ll have to make sure she’s not doing TOO much playing with Elle.

All the kindergarteners in our area go to one school, but that is a different school from our “home” school. Noah has moved on to the “home” school for first grade, so he rides a different bus which comes about 20 minutes later.

Colin likes to wait at the bus stop with Noah, and gives him a hug every morning before he gets on the bus. I need to take a picture of it one day so I can show them photographic evidence that they are loving brothers when they are screaming at each other over the Wii.


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