Happy 4th Birthday, Colin!

Today is Colin’s fourth birthday. I took a cake and a Happy Meal to his school at lunch time. He was supposed to get chicken nuggets, but they gave him a cheeseburger instead. (I’m a Bad Mommy for not checking before pulling out of the drive thru. I know better than that. It’s a rookie mistake!) I thought he was going to cry when he opened the box and found the cheeseburger. His therapist said he’d been telling her all morning that Mommy was bringing him chicken and french fries. Poor Baby (and again, Bad Mommy!)

My mom is picking him up today, so I told him Grandma would get him some chicken after school, and he recovered pretty nicely. I wouldn’t normally be thrilled about my kid eating from The Golden Arches twice in one day, but it’s his birthday, so give the man his chicken. 🙂


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