I took Jason and Hailey shopping for some new clothes. Did you know that a 13-year-old boy is much easier to shop for than a 12-year-old girl? A 13-year-old boy just says, “Nah,” or, “I like this one.” A 12-year-old girl will roll her eyes and say, “Eww,” at almost everything I point to. Apparently all the women’s clothes I think are cute are actually hideous. Man, I thought shopping for a five-year-old girl with a newly discovered fashion sense was hard!

We ended up buying more than I had intended, but they really needed some stuff. I hope it is OK with their grandma. I’m a little worried about it. I don’t want to step on her toes or anything. Do you think I should email her and tell her about it before we take them home? Maybe send a casual, “I hope it’s OK that we went shopping,” email?

They were both very appreciative, which made me feel much better about my awful taste in clothes. Jason walked around the house like he was on a catwalk, telling me that not everyone can rock skinny jeans and a fedora like he can. Then he wanted me to take his picture and post it on Facebook. (Which is pretty funny because he has previously asked me not to tag him in FB photos.)

And, it turns out the same 12-year-old girl who thought the clothes I pointed to in the store were dreadful is very interested in my opinion on which outfit she should wear each day.


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