Password Protected Posts and Roll Call

Colin’s brother and sister, Jason and Hailey, are here for nine days. (Yes, nine days. Christian and I chose to have five children for nine days. What were we thinking!?)

Over the next nine days we are going to my parents’ lake, swimming at the YMCA, shopping, getting haircuts, roller skating, bowling, going to the Children’s Museum, having Colin’s (early) birthday party, going to a water park, and the going to the zoo. I’m tired already.

I’m going to password protect all of the posts with their pictures in them. If you don’t have the password and you are interested in reading, please send me an email  (see contact info on the right) or leave a comment.

Also, if you are reading and haven’t commented in a while, would you please leave a comment and let me know you are still here. You can just say something like,”Hi,” or “Here,” or you can tell me how crazy I am.


15 thoughts on “Password Protected Posts and Roll Call

  1. I’d love to reassure you about your sanity, but…5 children! 9 days! You’re gonna need your heavy-duty crazypants.

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I’m still reading. Five kids sounds crazy to me…I can barely handle the 2 that I have but you have such a big heart! Those are lucky kids 🙂 We’ve missed you at the lake!

  3. I found your blog several months ago when I was searching for information on DNA and adoption. I adopted my daughter from Vung Tau in 2008. I enjoy reading your blog and would love to have your password when you have a chance to send it(it sounds like you’re going to be very busy for the next 9 days 🙂

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