Aiden’s birthday party

Last weekend we went to Aiden’s fourth birthday party. Kelli told us that he asked if his “Vietnam family” was coming, meaning his Vietnam friends. (How sweet is that!?)

Aiden and Colin are only about seven weeks apart. This is the first time they “played” together (at that age it was more like Kelli and I just put them in front of each other), back in 2008:

Happy Birthday, Aiden. We’re glad we are a part of your Vietnam family.

We were also happy to see Angel and Chloe. We hadn’t seen them since Chloe’s birthday party in January, but she and Zoe were holding hands and playing together almost immediately.

We saw Duc and Erica, too, but Duc was too busy at the train table to smile for a picture:



One thought on “Aiden’s birthday party

  1. They were so little and so cute- still are. So glad you were able to come celebrate with Aiden! We are pretty lucky to have such a great Vietnam family!

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