Colin at three (and a half)

This was supposed to be Colin’s three year post, but he’s only four months away from being a four year old now. (I’m just a touch late writing this.) So, this will just have to be his three-and-a-half-year update.

Colin is going to be a heartbreaker. He’s adorable, and he just has that flirty personality that girls love. There’s a little girl at his preschool who anxiously waits for him in the mornings and gives him a big, “HI COLIN!”

He LOVES attention and will do just about anything for it. If he does something that gets a laugh, he will absolutely do it again, so it is definitely my fault that he walks around singing “Sexy and I Know It.” When he sings, “Girl look at that body… I workout!” it cracks me up, especially when he does it in the shower while dancing.

He loves music, and he tends to get stuck on one song for a while. Right now he asks to listen to “Sexy and I Know It” every time we get in the car, and he would listen to it over and over and over if I would let him. Before that he was on a “Pumped Up Kicks” kick.

He is an awesome sleeper (and we are very thankful for that). At night or at nap time, he will often tell us, “I want to go to bed.” We are happy to oblige. He’s been in his big boy bed for a while now, but he still hasn’t realized that he can get out of it at night. He thinks there is some sort of force field around it (and we are very thankful for that) so he will call us or whine in the morning. Sometime Noah gets Colin out of bed for me after naps, so Colin calls for Noah when he wakes up, too.

Even though he stays in his bed, it sounds like there’s a Tasmanian devil in his room most nights. His bedroom wall is against our bedroom wall, and we can hear him kicking or pumping up against it until he falls asleep. He also talks a lot before he falls asleep. Most of the time it just sounds like babbling, but lately he’s been counting to ten, and then counting backwards.

He’s a total backseat driver. He always wants to know which way and where we are going. He recognizes routes. If we are running errands and we take the same road we take to his school, he has to point it out. ‘Mommy, this is the way to my school. You go that way.” He also recognizes “Daddy’s work” whenever we pass Christian’s office building when we are on the highway.

He is about 41 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. He’s in about the 50th percentile for height and weight. He is a hairy dude. His hair grows fast, and he has a lot of it. Our friend who cuts his hair laughs about how he can grow 70s porkchop sideburns in just a couple of weeks. He has a really hairy back, too. He even has a cowlick in the middle of his back. When we use spray sunscreen on him, it never gets to his skin because it just lays on top of the hair.

His love of Thomas the Train has faded. He’s more into dinosaurs and cars now, and he especially loves making his cars crash. He loves to play bowling and Mario Cart on the Wii.

He definitely loves physical activities – like wrestling, playing chase, and riding bikes. He could potentially be really good at sports. It’s amazing how well he can drop kick a ball in soccer. They have a sports program at his school and they asked me if he’d ever played volleyball before (he has not). Apparently he has the perfect serve, with proper form and everything.

Three year old Colin said he wants to be a dolphin. 🙂 After talking a little more about it we asked if he wanted to swim with dolphins. He eventually told us that he wants to be the one who feeds the dolphins their fish at the dolphin show at the zoo.



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