Noah’s swimming lessons

Noah has been taking swimming lessons for the past several weeks. We had been lucky to find things that all three children could do at the same time until last fall. We’d been able to have them do swimming, gymnastics, and soccer all at once. But that is no more. (sigh)

It started when Zoe wanted to do ballet while the boys did soccer. Now Noah wants to do swimming while Zoe and Colin do gymnastics. Christian and I split up every Saturday morning to take two here and one there. (They will be out of luck if there comes a time when at least two of them can’t agree on an activity.)

Christian had been the one taking Noah to swimming so he could go in the locker room with him, but then Christian started working on Saturdays. I’ve been lucky to recruit Mimi or Grandma to take Colin and Zoe to gymnastics the past couple of weeks and I started taking Noah to swimming. Instead of opting to go in the family locker room with me, Noah has been going in the men’s locker room. After he swims, he showers and changes all by himself. He’s growing up too fast! (sniff)


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