My kid is a wimp and I am tired.

Noah slept through the night last night for the first time in a week. That also means I slept through the night last night for the first time in a week.

This whole tonsil surgery? Not fun. Really, really not fun, especially when the child having said surgery has a VERY LOW pain tolerance. I know I won’t get Mother of the Year when I say this (not that I was ever in the running), and I say it in the most loving way possible, but my kid is kind of a wimp. Seriously. He gets a hangnail and it’s the end of the world. He screams over scratches. It had gotten to the point that Christian and I wondered what he would do if he was ever REALLY hurt.

Well, now we know. If Noah was ever REALLY hurt:

~The pain medication that he is supposed to take every four to six hours will wear off after three.

~He will get nauseous and not be able to keep said pain medication down, which will result in a midnight trip to the emergency room. Since he hates needles, his kind parents will wait and wait and wait for oral anti-nausea medications to work so that he does not have to have an IV, and we will not leave the ER until 4am.

~Several nights in a row, he will wake up in pain and scream, for an HOUR, loudly enough to wake the neighborhood.

~He won’t think I am sympathetic enough during this hour of screaming, and he will start yelling for Daddy, who is sleeping peacefully in the bedroom in the basement.

~If the doctor tells us the recovery time is seven to ten days, it will definitely be ten (or more).

Yes, now we know. God forbid he ever break a bone. I don’t think I would live through it.


14 thoughts on “My kid is a wimp and I am tired.

    • He seems pretty puny tonight, but he was with Grandma all day, and she eats that stuff up! I’m thinking he’s exaggerating a bit because he got all that sympathy earlier. We made him sleep in hos own bed tonight and said he needs to go to school tomorrow. I hope I’m not being too mean.

  1. Oy. I so dread Lucy’s first serious illness, especially since she won’t take ANY medicine. Ever. Nothing, no Tylenol, no Motrin, has ever passed those lips (without being immediately spat out). Good times, good times.

    • Oh, that’s rough. Zoe was that way as a baby. I remember having to hold her down and keep her mouth a certain way so that I could force little tiny drips of antibiotic into her.

  2. I’ve asked myself these questions about BB. She’s tough in some ways, but not these ways. Although I guess it beats the alternative, a super sick kid who can handle any pain without flinching and you know they are just conditioned to it. Is there a middle ground?

    • Colin has a high pain tolerance. When he was a baby, we would take him to the doctor and find out he had a double ear infection and we had no idea. It made us feel terrible.

      Now he’s realized he gets sympathy when he cries, so he’s a little more expressive!

  3. Quite honestly you actually do sound like Mother of the Year. You endure a lot and sacrafice a lot for the beneft of your child. You’re a great mom!
    P.S. I have a wimp too. He needs a band aid if he bumps into something. I’m trying to teach him that if there is no blood putting on a bandaid defeats the whole purpose.

  4. Addy is the exact opposite but I earned an easy child after Noah who was just like your Noah plus he refused to take medication EVER! And insisted on a bath – many times a night – every time he had so much as a sniffle. It was a ROUGH first several years. He hasn’t been really sick in the last few years but I’m hoping now that he’s almost 10 that he’s put those awful sick/pain intolerance years behind him. Maybe your Noah will grow out of it too?

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