Tonsils and Adenoids

After having strep six times since September, Noah had his tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday. The final straw was when he tested positive for strep, was put on a strong antibiotic, and then still tested positive ten days later.

Noah has been hospital- and needle-phobic since he was in the hospital with Kawasaki Disease in 2010, so we knew this would not go well. Luckily the doctor agreed to give him a little versed before the surgery, so he never even had to see an IV. Before the versed, he was crying and freaking out. After the versed, he looked like this:

Note that he has his dog, Brownie, with him, as he did in 2010. He told me recently that he is going to take Brownie with him when he goes to college.

While he was in recovery, the doctor came out and told us that Noah had, “the tonsils of an 18-year-old,” which we learned was bad. He told us that in many young kids the tonsils can “almost be peeled out.” He said in Noah’s case there were pockets nasty stuff and a lot of scar tissue. It is never a good thing when the surgeon is impressed.

Noah came back to the room upset. He was crying pretty hard, which made him cough, which made his throat hurt, which made him cry more. He kept saying he wanted his IV out and that he wanted to go home. It was awful. Luckily he didn’t have any nausea and was able to eat a popsicle and some ice chips, and we were able to leave after about an hour and a half.

Once we got home, I really thought (hoped) he would sleep. I mean, the kid had had versed, anesthesia, Demoral (pain), Zofran (nausea), and Lortab liquid (pain), so he should be ready to snooze, right? Nope. Not at all. He only slept for about half an hour that afternoon. He finally went to sleep about 11pm, but then I had to wake him every four hours for pain meds.

We’re on day three now, and we’re told days four and five (Sunday and Monday) should be the worst. That’s when the scabs are nastiest. I’m hoping for lots of this (but I’m not holding my breath):


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