Snow Tubing

A couple of weeks ago my cousin and her family invited us to go snow tubing. My mom offered to watch some or all of the kids if we wanted to go.

As we found out when we went to the water park in November, Zoe is not a daredevil. We knew she was definitely staying with Grandma. This was not her thing. In fact, while I was in the kitchen explaining snow tubing to Noah and showing him pictures of the resort, she yelled from the basement, “I am NOT doin’ that!” (I may or may not have said something about her attitude at that point, and yelled back that I wasn’t inviting her anyway. ‘Cause I’m a good mom like that.)

Colin is a daredevil. At the water park, he went down the three-story water slides over and over, all by himself. I’m pretty sure he would have liked snow tubing, but we were going at night. We left at 5pm and got home at 1am. The only thing that boy likes more than adventure is his sleep. Seriously. When he gets tired he whines, “I want to go to bed,” and I am more than happy to oblige.

Noah said he was up for it. We were afraid once we got there that he would end up being scared, but he was A-OK. We didn’t even get to do down the hill with him for the first time. He wanted to go with his cousins. They all jumped in line before we were ready. I kept going up to them at their place in line asking, “Are you sure you don’t want to go down with me and Daddy?” but he couldn’t care less about waiting for us (sniff). Although I wasn’t there to see it (sniff, sniff), we’re told that when he got to the bottom of the hill he yelled, “That was AWESOME!”

When we got home, Noah told Zoe, “I mean, Zoe, it was, like, AWESOME!” We tried to convince her that she should go with us next time, but she is still not buying it.

Me, Christian, and Noah:


Most of our group (Sara, Michael, Olivia, Marc, Madison, Me, Noah, Christian):


Scott, Shannon, Erin, and Mike:


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