Noah’s 6th Birthday

Noah turned six on January 30th. No matter what else I suggested, he wanted a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. He desperately wanted to go in the “Ticket Blaster.” We caved. Chuck E. Cheese’s it was.

Here’s the birthday boy. He looks adorable, but I can see how tired he is in all of the photos. We got home from snow tubing at 1am, and his party was 12 hours later. It was a busy weekend.

The Ticket Blaster (he didn’t get the special ticket that was worth 1,000 tickets, but the lovely party host let him have it anyway – you know, so he could get a $3 toy):

He’s REALLY into Legos right now. I couldn’t find a Lego cake (without spending $100 or having to bake it myself (so.not.happening)), so I ordered a plain cake and Christian built two Lego Racers to go on it. It’s not fancy, but Noah was thrilled because he got two new Racers.

I have a few more pics, but they have other people’s kids in them, so I will post them in a separate password protected post.


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