The Year of the Dragon

We couldn’t find a Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebration this year, but the elementary school had a Chinese New Year Celebration.

I am horribly embarrassed to say that we bought a bunch of stuff for the kids when we were in Vietnam, and it has pretty much stayed in a storage bin in the basement. When we went to Vietnam, we did not think we were going to have a third child. We bought a bunch of stuff for Noah and Zoe, and planned to give it to them on our “Family Day” each year, which would be the anniversary of Zoe’s Giving and Receiving Ceremony in Vietnam. It made sense. Noah was with us in Vietnam, so he was part of the G&R, and it would be the day our family was “complete.” 

Once Colin came home, we weren’t sure anymore what we would do. Do we celebrate the anniversary of Zoe’s G&R, and then the anniversary of the day Colin’s adoption was finalized? If so, then what do we do for Noah? Since we went through fertility treatments, I actually DO know the date he was conceived, but it seems more than a little weird to celebrate that, right? (Ha!) I also know the dates of my first positive home pregnancy test and the first positive blood test, so I guess we could pick one of those, but that just seems like a lot of “Family Days” to be celebrating. Also, would Zoe’s Family Day be the only Family Day on which the kids got presents? That’s doesn’t seem quite fair, right? And what do we do about the fact that we only have two of everything from Vietnam and not three?

Anyway, we still haven’t really figured it out, so the bin just sat there. I finally went through the bin last month and found two áo dàis, one of which she has already grown out of! D’oh! I literally smacked my own forehead for that one.

Luckily, this one still fit, AND she was willing to wear it. (She didn’t want to wear the silk pants, so we settled for the leggings underneath. I was just thrilled we got this far! I was even more thrilled that she cooperated for the photo. I mean, remember this mug shot a couple of weeks ago?)


2 thoughts on “The Year of the Dragon

  1. I recently found a couple ao dai I purchased in Vietnam. I remember when I bought them I thought it would be years before they fit my daughter. Well just like in your case – one was too small already. Time is going by so fast!

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