Noah’s awesome report card and strep (again)

Noah brought home his second report card Wednesday. The “grades” are M (meets expectations), P (progressing), or I (needs improvement). On his first report card, he got about 60% Ms and 40% Ps. This time he brought home 37 Ms and only five Ps! We are so proud of him, both because he did so well and because he improved so much!

The things he got Ps for are basically handwriting, writing his first and last name, and participating in class. He still tends to write his name in all capital letters, so she couldn’t give him total credit for that. His handwriting could use some improvement, so I’m not shocked about that one. Plus, if sometimes all of the lines in a letter don’t connect or if he occasionally writes a letter backwards, he can’t get full credit.

When we had our first conference, we knew the participation thing was a bit of an issue. I had seen it myself when I volunteered in his class. When the teacher says, “Raise your hand if you can tell me…,” half of the kids in the class have their hands up before she even finishes the request. Noah does not. She says that she has noticed that Noah could use a little more confidence. He never wants to give an incorrect answer, so he is a bit timid about sharing in class. She added that when he does answer, he gives a thoughtful or correct response.

The bad news is that kindergarten has been a bit rough on his health. He has had strep four times, plus a viral sore throat twice. He went to preschool since just before he was two, so I’m kind of surprised that’s he’s been sick so much. It’s not like he hasn’t been exposed to other kids and their germs.

Usually when Noah gets strep (or the viral sore throat), he is suddenly whiney or weepy. I feel his head and he is burning up. He usually has a 101 or 102 fever. Then he cries because his throat hurts.

This time the symptoms were different. He came in our room at 2am Thursday saying his throat hurt. He didn’t have a fever. And then he started throwing up… from 2am to 6am. Good times.

I stayed home with him Thursday, thinking we would both be able to nap, but that didn’t happen. He was happy and playing, and not in the mood to sleep. Around 3:20pm I happened to scratch his back and realized he had a fever. We called the doctor and were able to get in at 3:45pm, when he tested positive for strep.

We asked his doctor about tonsils, and she said that they usually don’t talk about that until a kid has had strep six times. They also consider the size of the child’s tonsils, and his are not large enough for her to be concerned. She thinks this is just something he is going to have to get through, and eventually “grow out of.” 

He’s already missed nine days of school this year, so I’m hoping he “grows out of” this soon. At least his grades haven’t suffered… (If you can’t tell, I’m a little proud of my boy.)


5 thoughts on “Noah’s awesome report card and strep (again)

  1. Sorry to rain on your grow out of it parade, but I got the same song and dance with one of my daughters. Even though I pleaded, the pediatrician put off the tonsillectomy until she was 12 and then the ENT sniffed that I should have done it much sooner. I felt guilty when I saw what a difference it made in her overall health. I’m not saying you should rip out his tonsils right now, but if the strep keeps recurring don’t let them put you off.

    • Nnnnooooooooo! Don’t tell me that! Noah has a needle phobia since he was in the hospital last year, so it will be AWFUL if he has to have surgery.

      Thanks for the advice though. I will take him to the ENT if he gets it again. I know you are probably right.

      Oh, and don’ think you’re going to be ahead of me at The Wheel for long… 🙂

      • I hope this is his last round of strep and you never have to deal with the ENT or needles.

        I’m not delusional about The Wheel, even when I have more points you’re ahead because it took me like 500 more points to get the same $. That wheel hates me, I think it resents my brilliance.

  2. I hope too that you are finally done with the strep but I ditto the comments that the ENT just might think otherwise the need to get them out. Jammer wasn’t getting strep a lot but his sleep was being hugely affected by them and the ENT (whom we absolutely love) got them out fast. Once he recovered from the actual surgery, he has been so much better. And his allergies are a bit better too.

    Good luck either way!

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