Chloe’s wild birthday party

Last weekend we went to Chloe’s birthday party. Zoe and Chloe are from the same province in Vietnam.
The Phu Tho girls:

But this wasn’t just any birthday party. Angel hired a guy who brought several different animals that the kids could “pet.” I don’t think Angel knew what she was getting into when she booked this party. I’m thinking she might have reconsidered if she’d realized she would end up with a giant cockroach on her face:

Noah touched several of the animals, including the hedgehog:

Zoe touched a few, including the cute little frog (my fave):

I’m not sure that Colin touched any. He would get really impatient and yell, “I want to pet it!” but then chickened out by the time his turn came. He still had a good time though:

Kelli and Aiden were there, too. I wonder what these two are talking about:

Noah and the birthday girl (doesn’t Noah look way too old in this picture?):


3 thoughts on “Chloe’s wild birthday party

  1. What a dedicated mommy! I’m afraid I would have run screaming from my own child’s party if anyone had approached my face with that gigantic bug. I’m all for anything-for-the-kids, but that is one disgusting cockroach.

    • I agree. We’re considering doing this for Colin’s birthday, and I told Christian that part is his department. He doesn’t want to do it either, so we trying to figure out how to make his friend Mike do it!

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