Cocoa and Carols

Zoe had her school’s Cocoa and Carols program just before Christmas. It’s a rite of passage. Noah was in Cocoa and Carols last year and wore a very similar elf hat.

Zoe is in two classes (a MTW class and a ThF class) so we got to see her do Cocoa and Carols twice. I was very proud of my girl. She can be a bit moody, so I wasn’t sure if she would actually participate in either program, but she did both – choreography and everything!

I cropped out the other kids, but it is funny to see how much smaller Zoe is than everyone else in her class. (She has one other friend who is a peanut like her, but she’s also almost ten months younger.)


One thought on “Cocoa and Carols

  1. Very cute! Aiden has one or two in his class that are close to his height but he is the smallest on the growth chart on the classroom wall. For his Christmas program he got between the 2 biggest boys and looked so small!

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