2011 didn’t suck (or blow)

Christian and I have been together for ten years, and something BIG has happened in each of those ten years.

2001  – Christian and I started dating. He moved two hours away shortly afterward, and we continued in a long-distance relationship. I knew he was moving away when we started dating, so I figured we would just go out a couple of times, and that would be that. Little did I know that he would only be gone for 50 weeks, and that one of us would make the two-hour drive 48 of those 50 weekends.

2002 – Christian moved back, and we moved in together. Neither one of us had ever lived with a significant other, so it was a bit of an adjustment. He proposed a few months later, and we started planning our wedding.

2003 – We had our dream wedding, complete with 300 guests. Later that year we bought our first house and I started working on my Master’s. I also started a new job.

2004 – We tried, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant, and learned that we had fertility “issues.” We started fertility treatments and battled with our insurance company to get them to cover some of it.

2005 – We continued fertility treatments and got pregnant, but miscarried. Two months later we finally got pregnant with Noah. I finished my Master’s and Christian went back to school.

2006 – We had Noah! Several months later we began the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam.

2007 – We adopted Zoe! Later we started the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam again.

2008 – We learned that we would not be able to adopt from Vietnam again, and started the paperwork for domestic adoption. Though we expected to wait 12-18 months, we brought Colin home just seven short weeks later! Also, Christian started a new job and graduated with his Bachelor’s.

2009 – We sold and bought a house (very quickly).

Then there was 2010. Oh, 2010. What a horrible, horrible year. I wrote about it a year ago, but to recap: a herniated disk and pinched nerve caused me awful, ongoing back pain; we hired a searcher to try to find Zoe’s birthfamily, but it was not successful; Colin was diagnosed with FAS; Colin’s new school did not work out; Noah was in the hospital with Kawasaki Disease; things were going really well with Colin’s birthmom and then it all went to sh*t; and we spent $17,000 in medical bills. Yuck. Blech. Ugh. It’s horrible just thinking about it all. I still cannot believe how stressful that

2011 wasn’t so bad. We did have to spend a lot of money on our house – the sewer pipe from the house to the street, the landscaping and grass in the front yard (from the sewer pipe being dug up), our water heater, some leaky gas lines inside the house, the heat/AC and duct work, and some scary electrical wiring – and that kind of sucked. We knew the heat and AC needed to be replaced when we moved there in 2009, but the rest of the stuff was a surprise.

Other than expensive home repairs, the rest of the year was pretty good.

January – Noah celebrated his fifth birthday and told us he had his SECOND girlfriend. (His cousin Michael has since told him that it means your are “in love” if you have a girlfriend, so now he says neither girl was his girlfriend.) We also got a new dog. It was a questionable decision to get a THIRD dog, but we did it and I guess now we are stuck with her. The kids love her, despite the fact that one of the first things she did upon becoming our pet was to eat Strawberry Shortcake’s face off.

February – Colin started his new school and things have been great.

March – I took this awesome picture of Colin. Zoe started asking more questions about her birthfamily and Vietnam and I don’t think I screwed up the conversations too badly. 

April – I took my favorite pictures of Zoe.  We had a good visit with Colin’s birthfamily. I found some FAS videos that made a lot of my feelings seem normal.

May – Noah had his last official day of preschool.  We figured out how we would manage three kids in three different schools. We went to the Asian Festival in Columbus. I got Botox shots in my feet.

June – Zoe had her first trip to the ER. We took our annual trip to see Thomas the Train.

July – We celebrated Colin’s third birthday and my mom’s XXth birthday.

August – Noah started kindergarten and Colin’s (bio) brother and sister came to stay with us for a few days.  Colin was potty trained! I took this awesome picture of Noah.

September – Zoe and Colin had their first day of preschool for the year. Zoe started ballet and liked it! We celebrated Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Moon Festival).

October – We went to the pumpkin patch, and celebrated Halloween and El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

November – We celebrated Zoe’s fifth birthday. Zoe started asking more questions about race, and I hope I didn’t screw them up too badly. We took a trip to the waterpark and the kids were wonderfully behaved and full of love for each other. Zoe had a rough time with her CT scan, but the results came back normal.

December – Noah showed off his mad new reading and writing skills when he shared his first letter with Santa and we had a great Christmas. Jason and Hailey came to stay with us again.

Here’s to a normal 2012!


4 thoughts on “2011 didn’t suck (or blow)

    • Good point, Susan. I’ve always loved the expression, “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”

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