Zoe’s 5th birthday

Zoe turned five on Thanksgiving. We waited until the following weekend to have her party, and it was a BIG one. With our kids, their cousins, and our friends’ kids, we already had 12. Zoe, of course, wanted to invite her friends, too, so we ended up with 25 kids. I know they say that for a five-year-old’s birthday, you should invite five kids, but there is just no way that is ever going to work. Zoe is friends with EVERYONE. She’s my little social butterfly.

She is in her last year of preschool. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays she is in the “Explorers” class. On Thursdays and Fridays, she is in the Fours class. She has friends in both classes. On top of that, she is still friends who kids who were in her class last year. I immediately told her we were only going to invite the girls from her class – no boys. It’s not that I have anything against the boys, but I just had to cut it off somewhere. (She’s just as good of friends with the boys as she is the girls. In fact, she’s been asking to have playdates with a couple of them.)

When I say that Zoe is friends with EVERYONE, I really mean that. Even before she was three, she could tell me about all of the kids in her class, who their mommies were, and who their siblings were. She has four friends with whom she is closest, but she really plays with everyone. Almost every mom has said, “Oh, you’re Zoe’s mom! [Insert name] talks about Zoe all the time!” Her Thursday-Friday class goes outside first thing in the morning. I dropped Zoe off and as I passed the playground on the way to my car, I saw the teacher with a little girl who was on the swings alone. The teacher said, “Oh, Zoe’s here. Why don’t you ask her to swing with you. I bet she’ll do it.” Apparently Zoe is the go-to-girl when someone is feeling left out. Another teacher told me that Zoe left what she was doing with two of her “besties” to play with another girl who was alone the other day.

I’m a little sad for her because none of her four “besties” are going to be in kindergarten with her next year. Three are in different school districts and one will go to private school. Something tells me she’ll be OK though. 🙂

I have photos from her brithday party (we had a gymnastics party) but I am going to password protect them since there are lots of other people’s kids in it.


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