Smarty (Under)Pants

Colin turned three in July, and he has been potty trained since August. Well, not exactly potty trained. That’s why I’ve waited so long to write this. I was really hoping by now I would be able to say he was completely potty trained.

It’s really not too bad. He’s having about one accident a week. He wakes up dry most mornings, but we’ve had some misses there, too.

Honestly, I probably would not have potty trained him yet. I would have waited and started when he was three-and-a-half (about now). Noah and Zoe were both trained before they were three, but I knew they were ready. I just didn’t have the same feeling about Colin right at three. However, his ABA school had a potty training “boot camp” and they were willing to help us, so we took them up on their offer. It was pretty intense. He spent the first couple of days in the bathroom, and then they sent a therapist home to stay in the bathroom with him there, too. He would sit on the toilet for a certain amount of time, and then he would get a certain amount of time off the toilet. I was amazed that it really did work, but there’s no way we could have done that on our own. We definitely needed their help.

There have been some interesting things about this journey. First, the program was really heavy on rewards. He got candy every time he peed or pooped for the first week or so, but it was more about verbal rewards. Since the therapists and Christian and I would tell him what a good job he did when he went in the potty, he started telling us what a good job we were doing when we went. It was a little bizarre to have your three-year-old say, “Good job, Mommy! You peed in the potty! That’s awesome!” every time I sat on the toilet.

Second, I am not a rookie with this, but I’ve pulled some pretty rookie moves. Let me just say this: Do not sit down on a toilet seat right after a little boy who is just learning to pee standing up has gone. This is important.

Third, Colin is a smart cookie. He caught on pretty quickly that he got to go to the bathroom every time he said he had to go. He pulled the “I have to go potty” card pretty much everywhere, including when he was working at his desk at school, in the middle of dinner, and while in time out. Luckily we have since curbed that little trick.


3 thoughts on “Smarty (Under)Pants

  1. Hehehe. Glad it worked out. They can be slick though too. We’re working on it with Sunshine and hope to have it done soon.

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