Family pictures

We had family pictures taken last month, and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. We have always done photos at a portrait studio. We had gone there since Noah was a baby. The photos back then were good, but as the studio got more busy the pictures got worse. I always felt like we were really rushed, too. They usually only booked 15 minute slots. I would request a half hour slot, and felt rushed even then.

This year we hired a local photographer who met us at a park and spent and hour with us. It was MUCH better. She charged a flat fee and then gave us a disk of the photos with a copyright release. Even once I ordered all of the prints, we really didn’t spend much more than we would have at the portrait place, and I think they turned out MUCH better.

These are the group shots. I’ll post the kids individual pics later.



7 thoughts on “Family pictures

  1. Love them this year. We’ve been trying to go get our pictures done too but something always comes up. I’d love to know how you found your photographer and what the fee was. I’d much rather do this than go to the studio.

    • My sister-in-law found her somehow. I wonder if you Googled “senior pictures” of “family photos” and your city if you could find someone. I think most of these family photographers have businesses where they take kids’ senior pictures, too (it seems like that may be more lucrative as it is more prominently displayed on the websites of several of the photographers I looked at). I thought it was a great deal. She charged $150 for an hour with us at the park. Then she gave us a disk of the photos and the copyright release. I had all the photos printed at Costco.

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