Look at my shiny new blog!

It was time to change my blog because the header was last updated in 2009, and the pictures of the kids were WAY out of date. I paid someone to do it for me last time, and was ready to pay her to do it again for me this time.

Then I started messing around with it last night and managed to do it all by myself!

Woo me!

Here is the old blog header. See how much the kids have changed?!


5 thoughts on “Look at my shiny new blog!

    • Thanks! We had them taken about a month ago, but I was waiting to post them until I re-did the blog. I have really cute individual ones, too. More to come!

  1. I noticed, I noticed. Great job. I have a new one myself, just for my quilting stuff and that took a while to do, its not perfect but it will do for now and I hunted around for new ideas for the main blog with no luck yet. Perhaps some day I will find just the right thing. How did you do your header?

    • I downloaded digital scrpabooking kits from this site: https://store.digitalscrapbookplace.com/. I don’t have Photoshop, which I’m sure would have been much easier, so I did it in Publisher. I just played around with adding new scrapbook elements until I got it the way I wanted. Again, I’m sure I didn’t do it the “best” or easiest way.

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