Out of the Mouths: New eyeballs

All three kids had eye exams today. It’s a bit early for all of them, but we had reasons to get all of the checked.

Noah has a family history of near blindness. I got glasses when I was seven. When I walked out of the doctor’s office with them on, I said, “You mean you’re supposed to be able to see the leaves on the trees?!” I knew the trees had leaves, but I just thought everyone saw big green blobs from far away. When I finally had LASIK in 2009, I only had seven inches of vision without my glasses. I couldn’t even see my alarm clock. Since Noah will be six soon, we thought we should be on top of it.

Since we don’t have any family history for Zoe, it made sense for her to have an exam, too. because kids with FAS often have astigmatism, we knew Colin should have one as well. He also has a gene deletion that is linked to keratoconus. We probably don’t need to worry about it for another ten years, but again, we just thought it best to stay on top of it.

The good news is that everyone’s eyes are healthy and no one needs glasses – yet. I’m probably not saying this correctly, but I guess most kids are farsighted, but “outgrow” it as the eyeball lengthens with normal growth. Colin is the least farsighted, at the youngest age, so the doctor said he is the most likely to need glasses.

All three kids did really well. They couldn’t get photos of Colin’s eyes because he kept blinking, but he breezed through the eye charts, after he got over a little fear.  When we talked about the eye exam with the kids yesterday and tried to explain the exam, Colin said, “Am I gonna get new eyeballs?” I reassured him that the doctor was just going to look at his eyes and take some pictures of them. He must not have believed me, because when the doctor came in the room, Colin told him, “I don’t want you to take my eyeballs out!”


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