El Dia de Los Muertos

Today we went to an El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. This is the third year we have gone. (My post from last year is here).

From our program:

The Day of the Dead is a centuries old Mexican holiday rooted in Aztec culture. Although the themes between Day of the Dead and Halloween may seem similar, they are actually very different. Halloween comes from a medieval European concept of death and includes images of terror such as demons and witches. The Day of the Dead as celebrated in Mexico, in contrast, demonstrates a strong sense of love and respect for one’s ancestors. Similar in some ways to Memorial Day, Day of the Dead focuses on celebrating the continuance of life, family relationships, and community solidarity. Celebrants find humor in mocking death and acknowledging and accepting that it cannot be escaped.

Noah, Zoe, and Colin playing on the grounds of the Arts Center:


Noah and Zoe didn’t want their pictures taken with the skeletons, but Colin thought they were cool.


The Ensamble Folklorico:


3 thoughts on “El Dia de Los Muertos

    • It is a really neat event, and it is free! (They do accept donations.) It’s at the arts center, so they had several projects for the kids to do. They made tin necklaces, decorated sugar skulls, and did papel picado (where they used droppers to color paper cutouts with different colors of ink).

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