Working Man

Noah may only be five, but he’s already a working man.

My uncle owns a body shop, and Noah had a “job” there this summer. He and his cousin Michael would go in on Thursday afternoons to sand cars or clean a little. They “worked” for a couple of hours and earned five bucks each. Then they would go to the Moose Lodge with my other uncle like a couple of working Joes. He gave them money to play the crane game machine to try to win toys. One time Michael won something and Noah didn’t, and Noah was pretty upset. One of the employees felt bad for him and gave him a button that said, “Taken, but still looking.” He loved that button. He wore it for a month, even to bed.

On Wednesdays nights he told me, “Mom, I can’t stay up late tonight. I have to work tomorrow.” He loved earning money. He saved it up and was able to buy himself a new Lego every couple of weeks. Christian took him to the Lego store one day and realized Noah had $21 in his Spiderman wallet – more money than Christian usually has in his own.

He started asking what he could do around the house to earn more money. He helped Christian lay the sub-floor when he tiled our dining room this summer:

Kindergarten has kind of put a cramp in his style. He’s bummed he doesn’t have the cash flow he had this summer. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Working Man

  1. Cute, cute, cute. I think it is great that he is learning such a terrific lesson already. he can come help rake all our leaves for a few dollars anytime.

  2. That is truly awesome! What a great opportunity at the body shop where I’m sure it feels more like a real job than doing chores at home, even for pay. This has me thinking…

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