The long drive home

I pick Zoe up from school at 2pm and then get Noah off the bus at 2:40. We hang around the house or run errands until it’s time to pick Colin up at 4:30pm. The drive is about 45 minutes to an hour round-trip. Zoe falls asleep almost every day. We are barely on the road when I look into the rearview and see her sleeping. She’s either asleep with her mouth open or with her thumb in her mouth and Strawberry Shortcake’s hair up her nose.  She clearly is not ready to give up naps, but there’s just no time for her to take one, so the carseat power nap is what she gets stuck with.

Noah, on the other hand, is the kid who refuses to sleep in the car. Even on roadtrips, he usually stays awake the whole time. So imagine my surprise on our drive from picking up Colin the other day when I saw this:

Seriously, this is one for the record books. He was asleep for at least 15 minutes before I was convinced he wasn’t faking it.

Colin takes a short nap at school, so he was wide awake. He saw me taking a picture of Noah and Zoe and didn’t want to be left out:


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