My Beautiful Ballerina (or who is this girl and what has she done with my daughter?)

Zoe started ballet classes on Saturday. I had asked her many times in the past if she wanted to take dance and she didn’t want anything to do with it, but suddenly she was interested. I called some dance studios and found out that dance classes can be really expensive and INTENSE, and I knew that my little girl was not ready for that. She’s done soccer, gymnastics, and swimming, and before every lesson time we’ve had to have the pep talk where she promises she will have a good attitude,  participate, and listen to her coach. Some days were better than others. At soccer, for example, she would usually participate until the first water break, but then spend the rest of the lesson playing with another little girl’s hair or sitting in the middle of the field while the rest of the kids chased the ball around her.

We found a ballet class at The Y that lasts six weeks that wasn’t very expensive, so I thought we’d give it a shot. We went to the dance store to buy her some ballet slippers and her “ballerina outift.” I was a little torn about the shopping. On one hand, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something she was probably only going to wear for six weeks, and might spend a good portion of those six lessons sitting in the corner of the room. On the other hand, I also knew this might be my only chance to have photos of her in a tutu. We ended up buying two outfits.

When we first got to class, she was a little shy. She wanted me to walk her up to her teacher at the mirror. She kept giving me hugs and kisses and didn’t want to let go of my hand. I gave her a mini pep talk and went to sit down with the other parents. Then something miraculous happened. She LIKED it! Her teacher is awesome. She’s incredibly energetic and dynamic, and does a great job at getting the kids involved. Zoe had a blast. The teacher brought them to the back of the room so they could demonstrate their new skills in front of us, and she exclaimed, “Mommy, take my picture!” (That NEVER happens, by the way.)

I hope I’m not speaking too soon (I mean, we have only had one class so far), but maybe this is something she’s going to enjoy. We’ll see….


9 thoughts on “My Beautiful Ballerina (or who is this girl and what has she done with my daughter?)

  1. A good instructor can totally pull in otherwise disengaged kids! It makes all the difference. Addy really did not like dance when she was 3 and then when she was 4 she HATED dance and quit by Christmas. This year she wanted to try again so we tried another studio and she loved it so much she added in the previously-detested ballet to the new jazz and tap. She just loves her instructors that much!

    I hope she continues to love it but, if not, you got some GREAT sweet ballerina photos!

    • The instructor is awesome. Since it’s at The Y, I don’t know how far we’ll be able to go with it. I wish this instructor taught at a studio. It would be worth it.

      My favorite photo is the last one, where you can see her underwear peaking out from under her leotard and tutu. 🙂

  2. Zoe looks lovely in her ballet outfit. Jenna is completely crazy about dance. She takes ballet and tap. She wants to take either modern or Jazz. But like you said…..CLASSES ARE EXPENSIVE! Plus there is the slippers, tap shoes, recital costumes etc!
    Zoe is going to LOVE dance!

  3. Soooooo adorable! I’ve been looking into gymnastics classes for Sunshine and yes they are really expensive. Hopefully we can find something like what you found and she can give it a try. Good for Zoe. I do hope she continues to like it.

  4. Yay! So adorable. If she does decide to stick with it, my friend (who I danced with for 13 years) just enrolled her daughter at Dance Connection. She has a friend that’s an instructor there.

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