Open Adoption Roundtable – Favorite Post

Heather at Production, Not Reproduction is doing another Open Adoption Roundtable. This time she said, “So point us to a favorite post on your blog. It doesn’t even need to be about adoption. And tell us a little bit about why you picked the one you did. “

Even though she said it did not have to be about adoption, it IS an Open Adoption Roundtable, so I picked this one: Evolving opinions on open adoption. When we first adopted Zoe from Vietnam, birth parents were scary to us. What we have finally realized in the past few years is that adoption is not about US and what WE are comfortable with. Adoption is about our CHILDREN and what is best for THEM. We now believe that what is best for THEM is to have contact with their birthfamilies, or at least that they have the OPTION to have contact with their birthfamilies.

I’m glad this Roundtable prompt came when it did, because it inspired me to create a page at the top of the blog called Top Adoption Posts. While many of my posts these days are about the kids in general, this is still an adoption blog and I want to make sure everything I’ve written about open adoption, adoption corruption, birthparent searches, special needs, etc is still readily accessible.


One thought on “Open Adoption Roundtable – Favorite Post

  1. Great idea and I remember your post. I have no idea at the moment which would be my favorite and with guest coming tomorrow, unfortunately I don’t have time to go back and figure mine out.

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