Tet Trung Thu

We went to the Têt Trung Thu, the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, tonight. We met up with some friends, Kelli and Aiden and Angel and Chloe.
We saw the dragon dance:


Colin was excited. He talked about going to see the dragon dance all day long. He ended up not wanting to get close to the dragon, but he liked the drums and did a little dancing:


We had some Vietnamese food. Noah’s chopstick skills could use some work:


In the end, the kids had more fun just playing outside. Zoe climbed a tree:


They had fun making a leaf and twig mixture, which they alternately called “salad”, “soup”, or a “camping fire”.


We did our best to get a group photo (I love Aiden’s face in this one):


7 thoughts on “Tet Trung Thu

    • This year’s actually wasn’t that great. They held it at a community center instead of the temple where they usually have it. I think they did it because they had a fundraising concert for the temple afterward, and they needed the stage of the community center. It wasn’t very well organized. The kids liked the lion dance, but then had more fun just playing outside.

    • No worries. I’m glad it’s not just my kids! I have to admit, I got a little chuckle watching you chase him through that field. I have SO been there. 🙂

      • I normally have probably laughed too…at someone else doing the same thing! This running away is a new thing so I’m trying to nip it. Not sure how well I’m doing 🙂

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