School shoes

I saw someone do this on another blog, but I don’t remember whose blog it was. (If anyone know, let me know so I can give her credit!)

Anyway, the blogger took a picture of her kids’ shoes on the first day of school and then another on the last day of school. The shoes have actually been worn a couple of times already, but I tried to limit it until school started – especially for Zoe. Noah and Colin have a bit of an advantage because theirs are dark and Zoe’s are white (Why!? Why!? Why are most girls’ shoes white!?), but no matter what color they were, my prediction about the conditon of these shoes would be the same:

  • Noah’s will be well-worn, but still in decent shape.
  • Colin’s will have a bit more wear than the average three-year-old’s would after a school year.
  • Zoe’s will have paint on them by the end of next week.


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