First day of preschool – 2011

Noah started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago, but our preschool didn’t start until after Labor Day. This is Zoe’s fourth year there.

Colin went for a while last year, but then we switched him to his ABA school. He’s doing so well at the ABA school, where he gets works one-on-one with a behavioral therapist all day. Still, we wanted to make sure that he still gets the socialization of regular preschool and learns about classroom routines, so we enrolled him in preschool two mornings a week. His therapist goes there with him and then takes him to the ABA school for the afternoon. The idea is that she only intervenes if needed, and acts more as an aid to the preschool teachers. He’s only been one day so far (Tuesday), but it went really well. Both school have been awesome about working with on us on this (and about working with each other).

Zoe’s favorite parts of being back at school were seeing her friends again, playing on the playground, and art.

Colin’s favorite part was his class’s salamander, named Sal M. Ander. 🙂


4 thoughts on “First day of preschool – 2011

  1. BB’s class has a boy with an aid or therapist of some sort. I think the boy has autism and the aid/therapist tracks behavior and intervenes as needed. To BB he’s just a kid and the aid/therapist is a classroom helper. It’s cool.

    • That’s what we really hope happens – that she is just a classroom helper. Interestingly, Zoe has a kid in her class who has an aide, too. I think that aide functions the same way.

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