Lake weekend

We went to Christian’s parents’ lake this weekend. My cousin’s son, Michael, was able to come with us at the last minute, and Noah, Zoe, and Colin were super excited about that.
Zoe, Michael, Noah, and Colin on the boat:




Zoe and Colin:


This is Colin’s new favorite pose. He saw a kids’ hip hop group on TV do this pose and he has been doing it ever since:


Noah with Penny, Christian’s parents’ dog:


Michael and Penny:


This was our dog Lucy’s first trip to the lake. We’re trying to make a lake dog out of her, but she needs to chill. She was way too interested in all the dogs on the other boats at the sandbar and kept jumping off the float.


This is one of several times that Christian had to carry her back to our boat:


Luckily she was worn out by the evening and relaxed on the boat a little:




Michael, Noah, Zoe, and Colin:


Now that Colin has figured out he can float by himself in his life jacket, he wants to swim on his own:


Noah and Colin:


Michael and Noah having “Bloody Marys”:


Noah would not cooperate until I told him he could play Mario Cart if he gave me one good smile. Then he hammed it up:


Michael being silly:


Michael deciding he didn’t want his picture taken on one of the rare nights Zoe felt like cooperating!:




Zoe was not cooperating here but I like that this pic shows off her hair feathers (I have some, too, per  Zoe’s request.):


Michael on the ski trainer and the tube:


Mario Cart:


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