What did your kids tell you about the first day of school?

Noah told me this about the first day of kindergarten:

  • Liam, George, Ethan and Cooper are all on his bus and it is fun.
  • On the way home, the bus wouldn’t start. They called another bus, but it didn’t come, so they had to jump their bus.
  • For lunch, they had tacos that you could either pick up or scoop. They also had chips and he LOVED that dip that came with it.
  • They didn’t have a lot of time to play today because the teachers had to talk a lot and tell them all about the school.
  • At recess they can’t go past the big tree.
  • Two boys in his class were playing checkers. He asked them to show him how to play and they said no, so he told his teacher. (We had a talk about how he should really only tell his teacher if someone calls him a bad name or hurts him. We also bought a game of checkers.)

Of course I wanted to know more, but a friend told me I should be happy because this is actually a LOT of information. I didn’t see him today (his second day) because I worked and then had a meeting at Zoe’s school. I asked Christian what he said about today. This was all he got: “I liked it a lot better than yesterday.”

One friend asked her daughter, “What did you do today?”

Her daughter said, “Umm, when?”

One friend asked her son, who said, “I don’t remember.”

Another friend’s daughter told her that her friend Sophia had a peanut butter sandwich.

So maybe I really did get a lot of info?

What did your kids tell you about school?


7 thoughts on “What did your kids tell you about the first day of school?

  1. That’s a ton of info! All I got from my oldest ever about school at that age was the lunch report. It would be mildly interesting if I didn’t pack his lunch everyday.

    It’s a little better now but only because I’m much more specific about my questions. Also, the girl next door is in my son’s class & she’s a talker & a latch-key kid (do they still call them that?). Most of my info comes from her.

  2. That’s a lot! Aiden has already started saying, “nothing” or “just stuff”. I will get bits and pieces later on. Luckily his teachers have a website so I can see exactly what he did…like wearing little white mary jane shoes from the dress up collection every.single.day.

  3. I got almost all my info from driving for field trips and carpools. For some reason, children think the chauffeur is deaf. Keep the music low enough to eavesdrop, and you can find out all kinds of things – sometimes things you didn’t even want to know.

  4. I used to have pretty good results by asking “What was your favorite part of the day?” and then “What was the worst part of the day?”. It often opened my kids up to lots of other info they would have ordinarily forgotten about. Also if your teacher posts a schedule you can use that to prompt for more details.

    That’s sad that someone told him no to playing checkers. 😦 Glad day 2 was better!

  5. Yes I think you certainly did get a lot of info. More than I get with Jammer. Hopefully he will love his new school and will be willing to tell me all about it.

  6. I do the “best and worst” thing, like Nikki with BB. It works pretty well. She’s just in a daycare/preschool now. For best, I usually get, “playing outside” and not much for worst. Still, it is something.

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