Out of the Mouths: Naps

I wrote yesterday that my kids have given up napping. Despite that declaration, we tried to get them to take one last weekend. Well actually, we tried to get Zoe to nap. We did get Colin to nap, and Noah spent some quiet time with his Legos and then watching part of a movie on the couch with Christian.

The kids were spending the night at my parents’ house that night, so we knew they would be up late. We figured Noah would be OK, but thought Colin and Zoe should get some rest. As I said, Colin took a nap, but Zoe was not crazy about the idea.

I decided to let her lie down with me. I told her that we could watch Tinkerbell for a while and then she needed to close her eyes for a little bit. She was happy to be with me while we were watching Tinkerbell, but got a little indignant when I said it was time to sleep.

She said, “How come Noah doesn’t have to nap?”

I said, “Well, he’s five. He’s older than you.”

I closed my eyes but quickly realized she was not closing hers. I opened my eyes and she said, “But Mommy, you’re old! Why are you taking a nap?”


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