Oh naps, how I will miss thee…

My kids gave up napping last week, and I am in mourning. Well, they didn’t entirely give up naps. Noah and Zoe gave up gave up naps and Colin gave up napping at home. He is still taking a short nap at school.

We’ve known this day was coming and we’ve dreaded it, but it was time. We’ve always had a pretty late schedule. Christian, Colin, and I get up around 7:45am. Noah and Zoe get up at 8. Colin went to school until 12:30pm and Noah and Zoe had school until 2pm. They would all nap around 3pm. On the days I work, I don’t get home until 6 or 6:30pm. We have dinner at 7 or 7:15pm, then baths around 8pm, and bed around 9pm.

Then Colin started school full-time, so he was there until 3:30pm. We were trying to get the kids to nap around 4pm, but it was not working out well. They napped too late, and then stayed up too late. Colin still ABSOLUTELY needs naps, so his school said they could try to get him to nap there. He resisted at first (so much that he fell asleep sitting up on his cot one day and then yelled, “I not tired!” as they layed him down and he went right back to sleep), but now it’s working. It’s only an hour, which probably isn’t quite long enough, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

So, since Noah and Zoe go to school until 2pm, and then we pick Colin up at 3:30pm, there’s not enough time for Noah and Zoe to get naps in between.

Noah is five. It was time for him to stop napping. On the days he napped, he was up all night. We put him to bed at 9pm, but he would get up a million times to go to the bathroom, to get a drink of water, or to beg to get in our bed for a little while. (By the way, it’s really hard to say no when a child says, “But I just want to snuggle with you, Mommy.”) He probably didn’t really go to sleep until 11pm or midnight.

Zoe is four. She probably still needs to nap, but we’ve just been trying to get her in bed earlier. Until about six months ago, she thought there was a force field around her bed. She would not come out of her room at night, even to go to the bathroom. She would cry until we came to get her. Then she decided she wanted to sleep with her door open and, well, it was all over. Once she saw that Noah was getting out of bed, she realized she could do the same. Now she gets up to go to the bathroom, because she wants a drink, or just to tell me something completely random. On the plus side, now that she isn’t napping, she isn’t getting up as much. She’s REALLY grumpy around 6pm though.

It’s nice to get them in bed earlier and to have a little more time at night, but man I really miss those two quiet hours in the afternoon.



4 thoughts on “Oh naps, how I will miss thee…

  1. When my kids gave up naps we did “quiet time” which meant they didn’t have to nap, but they had to be in their rooms for one hour and could play quiet games and read books. The penalty for not being quiet and not staying was a nap (which I knew would never happen, but it made them be quiet). So I could get a few things done. Occasionally they fell asleep but not too often, and everyone was refreshed when it was over. Try it!

    • That’s definitely on the agenda. Noah is good about sepnding some quiet time with his Legos, but Zoe’s pretty much only quiet when she’s watching TV. I could *possibly* get her to spend some quiet time with the art supplies. I just need to make sure she doesn’t draw on her carpet with blue marker again. 🙂

  2. my nephew gave up naps at two and a half but then he started going to bed at 7:30, which was great. My sister said she would rather have that extra time at night than an hour break during the day. After spending all day with my nephew I would trend to agree.

    • I do like the extra time at night, and I thought maybe it would allow me to get to bed earlier, but for some reason I am still up at 1am. I really need to work on that.

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