The Bangs

As long as I have been putting barrettes or hair bands in Zoe’s hair, she has been pulling them out. She keeps them in for an hour, tops. I find them in random places all over the house. Her teachers found them in random places all over her preschool classroom. And since she has this thing where all of the hair from the top of her head to her forehead falls forward, her hair was constantly in her face. Basically, she looked cute for about an hour of the day, and then sported the “Cousin It” look the rest. So, a little over a year ago, I decided she needed bangs.

Since we had her bangs cut (or her “long hairs” as she likes to call them – and, no, I have no idea where she got that),  she’s had no issue with it. She’s gone willingly for bang trims and never mentioned a thing about it (other than getting mad when I called them “bangs” instead of “long hairs”).

Then, a few weeks ago, the night before I had haircuts scheduled for the boys and a “long hairs” trim scheduled for her, she suddenly said she wanted to grow them out. Her reasoning? “Princesses don’t have long hairs.” 

After two weeks of “growing out her bangs,” Zoe told me that barrettes and head bands made her head hurt and she wanted to cut her bangs again. I’m so happy. She looks beautiful without bangs, and we’ll do it someday, but just not when she’s four. That was a rough two weeks of drama and her whining over her hair accessories.

I’m not sure about when she’s five though either. We’ve already got some big projects scheduled for age five. She’s promised to stop sucking her thumb, not put Strawberry Shortcake’s hair up her nose, and wipe. (Honestly I’ll just be happy if she remembers to wipe.)


6 thoughts on “The Bangs

  1. Ava’s hair is the same way and it drives me nuts. It’s so straight and fine they fall out of the barettes even if she leaves them in. I’m trying to convince her to let me cut her bangs again. (we were in a “I want to grow them out stage.) Tell Zoe that both Sleeping Beauty and Ariel have bangs!

    • Oh, believe me, I’ve already pointed that out!

      I wear my hair in a “bun” almost every day just because I don’t have time to do anything with it. Zoe keep saying she wants to wear her hair like mine. I put it in a “bun” and it’s so slick and healthy it only stays that way for half an hour. It ends up becoming a pony tail and I just don’t tell her. 🙂

  2. We struggle with Ev’s hair too. I have had bangs in her hair for ever now- we tried growing them out once but that didn’t work so well. Her hair is very healthy and slick but also thin and very slow to grow. She wants me to do all of these fancy braids and I can’t even bother to learn because her hair isn’t quite long enough for me to get braids in. And when I try to practice she won’t be still and she complains. So…. bangs it is and braids that she puts in herself.

  3. I remember praying that Kalisha would learn to wipe herself!! There were days that I thought if I heard the words, “Mom, I’m done.” one more time, I was going to run away from home.
    There is hope and they do learn eventually.

    • I am very familiar with the, “Mom, I’m done!” yell. My husband thinks they are old enough to do it themselves, but I pointed out that he is not the one who does the laundry. I would rather wipe their butts than clean the skid marks out of their underwear!

  4. I completely understand the anticipation of wipe-free parenting – just don’t get too anal (yuk yuk) about it. My sil was still wiping her boys when they were – I swear to God – 10 yrs old. It was waaay beyond creepy.

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