Colin’s 3rd birthday

Colin became a big three-year-old on Saturday and we had a party for him at our house.


Colin, Jahnu, Jasmine, Noah, Michael, Zoe:


Then the clothes came off. Our family room looked like a tornado of kids’ underwear blew through it. Who knew that a pool this size and some water cannons could keep six kids entertained for so long?


Then it was time for cake. Note the missing frosting on the left. Colin got into it about an hour before the party.


Will, Zoe, Noah, Jasmine, Colin, Michael, and Jahnu:


Blowing out the candles:


Colin opened presents in his new Thomas hat.


Christian and his parents:


Me with my parents, Zoe, and my niece Sophia:


Zoe and Colin were the clean-up crew. They tackled the leftovers. I can’t get either of these two to sit and eat a meal, but they would snack all day.


Happy Birthday, Little Man!


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