Zoe’s first trip to the ER (and it sure would be nice to have some birthfamily history about now)

Zoe had her first trip to the emergency room Sunday night. Both boys have been to the ER before, and we had wondered how our wild little girl had managed to avoid it. Little did we know that she was just waiting for something serious enough to be the first one to ride in an ambulance.

She and Colin were outside with Christian in our driveway. Christian was only a few feet from her, but his back was to her and he didn’t see what happened. She wasn’t riding her bike and he doesn’t think she was running. He just heard a thud and turned around to see her unconscious on the cement.

He picked her up and tried to wake her, but she didn’t respond. He yelled for me. I came outside and she was still unconscious. I ran back in to get the phone and dialed 911. When I got back outside, she was conscious but dazed.

Christian rode to the hospital with her in the ambulance, and she could answer some questions. I waited for my mom to come get Noah and Colin, and then met them at the ER. They kept her for several hours to observe her, and she was fine by the time we left. She was happy and alert. She colored and played with stickers.

She has the mark on her face, a goose egg on her forehead, and a scraped elbow and knee. When we ask what happened, sometimes she says she tripped, sometimes she says she “just fell.” She doesn’t have any scrapes on her hands like she put them out to stop herself. The concerning thing is that she might have just fainted or had a seizure. As the ER doc said, it would be more comforting to know that there was some sort of fall or accident preceding this so that we could rule out attributing it to a “medical event.”

We are going to see her pediatrician tomorrow to see if we should just wait and see if this happens again or if she wants to send Zoe for testing.

It would be REALLY nice to have some information about Zoe’s birthfamily right now. It was truly an awful feeling to have to say, “I don’t know,” when the doctor asked if there is any family history of seizures. The doctor pressed and asked another family history question, and I had to say, “We don’t have anything.”

Maybe this is nothing, but it just feels like a double punch in the gut to not know what happened and to not have any leads. We have nowhere to start.

Doctors are sometimes funny about asking questions about adoption in front of our kids. They look at us for reassurance that it’s OK to talk about it. We have always talked openly about adoption at home, and we talk about it openly with doctors, too. For now, I’m not sure that means much to Zoe. She doesn’t really understand what we mean when we say we have no family history. Someday she will understand though, and I hate it. Maybe she really was placed anonymously, but maybe someone robbed her of this information just because it made the paperwork easier. Having to question that sucks.


Zoe in the hospital with the rubber glove balloon one of the paramedics made for her:


At home later that night with Strawberry Shortcake and still holding on to the balloon (she’s wanted to sleep with it ever since):


10 thoughts on “Zoe’s first trip to the ER (and it sure would be nice to have some birthfamily history about now)

  1. Whew! I’m glad to hear she’s ok. So scary!

    Just to offer what little insight I have, and it hopefully won’t mean anything – this is about the age when seizure disorders can show up. If they have her do an EEG, if she had a seizure it should show up somewhat even though it’s been a few days. I had epilepsy as a kid, we had a BIG family history so they were looking for signs as it runs more heavily in girls than boys and caught it by the time i was 3 or 4.

    Hopefully it was an isolated incident, and so glad she wasn’t hurt.

  2. super scary! my first thought was a seizure too. She’s the right age and it sure sounds like it from the way she revived and the injuries. Poor pumpkin. It could totally be isolated and I sure hope it is.

    I dread facing the “no family history” issue. It does just feel like an extra punch in the gut 😦

  3. Hoping all goes well. If your doctor wants to have her tested further, stay optimistic. I know it’s hard! I had epilepsy but grew out of it; and yes, sometimes these things (if it was a seizure) can happen only once. Chin up!!

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