Favorite Photo Friday – The Pickers

I posted this pic of Colin on Facebook last week, but had to point out that while it is cute/funny/gross, he still doesn’t have Zoe beat in the nose-picking contest.


Check out this picture of Zoe from 2008. She is sucking her thumb and picking her nose at the same time.


Then there’s this one from 2009 – the double nose pick.


As my friend Susan said, “He’ll never reach her level of dexterity. You can tell by their expressions that this is serious business for her, merely a passing moment of glee for him.”


3 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday – The Pickers

  1. I agree with Susan. Zoe is a True Nose Picker. Colin just had to pick his nose. There is a difference. The pic of Colin is adorable- you really captured the joy of reaching for the perfect boog. But Zoe… Well, Zoe has a gift.

    (You ARE saving these for the future prom dates, right?)

    • I am absolutely saving these for prom dates. Zoe has the largest collection so far. I need more of Noah!

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