A Day Out With Thomas – 2011

We’ve gone to A Day Out With Thomas last weekend. We’ve gone for the past several years. Here are the pics from 2008, 2009, and 2010. It’s fun to look at the photos from each year and see how the kids have grown (and to think how Colin wasn’t even with us in 2008 – little did we know we get a huge surprise and have a baby less than a month later!).

This year we went with my mom, my cousin Shannon, and her son Michael.

“Look! There’s Thomas!”


Zoe was upset that she didn’t get the horse she wanted, and she let us know. Check out that expression!

Luckily there was no line, so she was able to ride again and she got the horse she wanted.


3 thoughts on “A Day Out With Thomas – 2011

  1. Looks like everyone had fun. We went last year down in Connersville and it was soooo flippin’ hot the day we went. Logan was looking at the pics with me and he says, “Hey, I was there once upon a time! Why didn’t we go there this year Mommy. You didn’t tell me Thomas was coming back to us!” Then he gave me “the look.” lol

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