At least my (almost) 3-year-old keeps me on track

I’m slightly sleep deprived the last couple of days. We had really bad thunderstorms Monday morning. Zoe is terrified of thuderstorms, so she ended up in bed with me (Christian went to sleep downstairs). She used to go back to sleep during thunderstorms as long as she was with me, but these were pretty severe. We were up from about 4am on, sleeping for just a few minutes here and there.

Then last night, our neighbors were setting off HUGE BOOMING FIREWORKS until midnight. Since I had five-, four-, and almost three-year-olds who all had school today, I was a little angry. Under normal circumstances I would have been over there about 11pm. Through a strange three-degrees-of-separation thing though, we learned that it was a funeral “party.” We don’t know these particular neighbors that well, but Christian was outside with the kids earlier in the evening when a girl he was friends with forever ago pulled up with her fiance, who happened to be the neighbors’ nephew or something. She happened to warn us that the neighbor’s mother had passed away, and that it was tradition in their family to set off fireworks to celebrate the deceased’s life. I was seriously trying to figure out at what time it became OK to approach my grieving neighbors and tell them to shut the h*ll up. I decided that midnight was that time, and thankfully that’s when they decided to shut the h*ll up on their own.

Anyway, I was a zombie this morning as I was driving Colin to school. Without realizing it, I missed the road I was supposed to turn on to get to the school.

Colin said, “Mommy, what you doing?”

I said, “I’m taking you to school, Buddy.”

He said, “School’s right there!”

He’s so smart. I wonder how much further I would have driven before I figured it out. I turned around and got him to school.

As I was leaving, I kissed him goodbye and said, “I love you. Grandma will pick you up.”

He said, “No! Mimi pick up.”

I finally realized it is Tuesday, not Monday, and he is right. Mimi is picking him up. At least my (almost*) three-year-old is keeping me on track since my brain has apparently stopped functioning.

*Colin is almost three because his third birthday is in 18 days. Where does the time go?



3 thoughts on “At least my (almost) 3-year-old keeps me on track

  1. I think it’s nature’s cruelest trick- the speed that our children grow up. I get teary eyes at least once a week looking at my two.

    Ev has been keeping me on track since she began to talk!

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