Asian Festival

We went to the Asian Festival in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend. We met up with several families with kids from Vietnam at the festival, including one family with a daughter who was in the same orphange in Vietnam as Zoe.

First we got ready for the shows.

There was a lion dance. Zoe kept saying, “I’m not scared of it, Mommy, because that’s just people under there.”

They even had three little kid lions.

Then there was the dragon dance.

Next we went to the kids’ area. Noah, Zoe, and Colin made kites and Daddy showed them how to fly them.

Colin and Noah tried their hand at the violin (they need a little practice).

Noah tried carrying a yoke (is that the right term?), but found it a little awkward.

Noah and Zoe had tea and sushi in the thatched house.


Colin and Zoe took a break in the shade and threw rocks in the pond.

The next day we met up with some of the families again at one family’s house. The kids all played together outside.


Again, we are in so much trouble with this girl. Check out this attitude.

At least she was all smiles as Daddy threw her in the air in the hotel pool. (Thanks Allison for the picture!) (By the way, that is an 18-24 months swimsuit (Zoe is 4-1/2) and the bottoms were fallling off of her.)


9 thoughts on “Asian Festival

  1. I have the same problem with bathing suits!! If I get a two peice – the top is too small and bottoms are falling off. With a one peice suit – if it fits her length – it is hanging off her in other areas.

  2. Looks like a good time. I wish we had (more) stuff like that here.
    I totally get what you’re saying about the swim suits. Binh is the same way. I put some elastic waisted shorts on him yesterday…and noticed they were size- 3-6 months. NO joke. They looked totally normal, too! It’s amazing.

    • With Noah, the size of the clothes seems to actually correspond to his growth. With Colin and Zoe I’ve learned that size means almost nothing. Colin can wear 3T jeans if they have adjustable waists, but 3T swim trunks are gigantic on him – too long and too big in the waist.

      Zoe can still wear some 18 month dresses, too. She also wears some of Colin’s shorts once he outgrows them. 12 month shorts are good on her because they fit on her waist but they aren’t as short as 12 month girls’ shorts would be!

    • The kids outfits? I always put them in matching colors when we are going to be in crowds. It makes them much easier to find!

  3. Nice pictures. Wish we lived closer we would have attended.
    Michael & I have no said much but we will be adding a little girl to our fmaily in Sept the birthmom is due…. We nervously await our daughters arrival.
    But I can not wait to but girl clothes… all my friends have boys.. so I guess no pass me downs… Anyway I will prbly annouce soon on blog. ( I neve write on there anymore… no time)

  4. You have such great Asian events near you. I am jealous. And the sizing thing….yup, we have that issue here too. Jammer is 4 1/2 and is still wearing his 18 mo shorts from last summer.

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