Ruby’s birthday party

As usual, I am behind on posting photos. Three weekends ago we went to birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. The party on Saturday was for a friend in Zoe’s preschool class named Ruby. Ruby’s older sister, Kate, was in Noah’s preschool class, so the kids all know each other. Noah will go to kindergarten with Kate next year, and Zoe will go with Ruby the following year.

When we moved in December 2009, we were seriously considering a house on K~ Drive. If we had bought that house, it turns out we would have been almost across the street from Kate and Ruby.

I really like their mom and I’ve hung out with the dad a bit, too, and he seems pretty cool, so I’ve been telling Christian that we need to do more with them. He joked that I’m trying to set him up on a playdate. Chris Rock did a bit about this. His wife set him up on a playdate with a guy from another couple because they both liked baseball. (Warning: In classic Chris Rock style, there’s graphic language involved, so don’t watch it if you are easily offended.) Neither Christian nor Kate and Ruby’s dad are big baseball fans, but they both like football. The only problem is that K and R’s dad is a Packers fan. We’ll have to see how this relationship works out for them.

Anyway, Ruby had a horse and a little petting zoo for her party. Our kids had a blast. Zoe especially liked that the pony in the petting zoo was named Strawberry Shortcake.


4 thoughts on “Ruby’s birthday party

  1. All I can think about is if Zoe had any desire to stick THIS strawberry shortcake’s mane up her nose. LOL.
    Looks like a fun party! 🙂 Good luck with Christian’s playdate!

    • Oh that’s disgusting, but I wouldn’t put it past my little princess! She did, however, stick her thumb in her mouth immediately after checking out the petting zoo. Yuck!

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