It’s obviously been too long since I’ve seen the sun

We went to the Asian Festival in Columbus this weekend. I have lots of pictures to post (though I still need to post the ones from the two birthday parties we went to last weekend first), but I had to share this one. It has rained A LOT in April and May, and apparently I’ve developed an intolerance for the sun. I hope I’m not a vampire or a gremlin or something now.

Christian and the kids did not get sunburns, but somehow I managed to come home looking like this. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror. That little white spot in the middle is from my necklace. I’m so awesome. I don’t usually burn, except in tanning beds (Zoe will be disappointed I don’t have a heart this time).


8 thoughts on “It’s obviously been too long since I’ve seen the sun

  1. This is the first year I did not leave the Asian Festival looking just like that. I forgot you live nearby. Next year, you should remind me you are coming and we can split a bubble tea or something!

    • I forgot you were in the area! We’re about three hours away. We’re going to try to go every year, so we should definitely try for next year!

  2. I hope this will make you feel better. A few months ago we were scheduled to complete M’s readoption in FL. The day before the hearing we went to the beach. For whatever reason, that would be the ONE day I would NOT coat myself in sunblock (I am very white and freckled). And I was wearing very large sunglasses. I will leave you to your imagination. One hint: raccoon times 100.

    • Did you post pictures of that? I think I remember!

      For some reason I had enough forethought to take my sunglasses off every once in a while so that I got sun on my whole face, but gave no attention to my chest and shoulders. What can I say? I’m brilliant like that.

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