Craptastic Part 2

Noah has some sort of virus on top of the strep he had last week. Now we don’t know if the other kids had strep or if they had this virus. Our doc told us to go ahead and put them on antibiotics if they had symptoms because it was Easter weekend, so they were never tested. If they really had strep, now there’s a chance they will also get this virus, and that will suck.
Noah has just been lying in bed next me to moaning because he feels so crummy. It’s awesome.

And, we got in the car to go to the doctor this morning and my car wouldn’t start. It ended up that I just needed a new battery (it was $100, but it could have been much worse) and my mom was able to take us to the doctor (they were able to get us in 15 minutes later), but it’s been a bad day!


One thought on “Craptastic Part 2

  1. I don’t say this very often because I feel it’s like poking Fate in the eye with a stick, but tomorrow has just got to be better. Really.

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